The price is per housing unit. The apartment is assigned complete with all equipment (cutlery, crockery, refrigerator, mattresses, blankets and pillows), excluding general linen (bed sheets, towels, tablecloths, etc.). The mattress-covers and the pillow-covers can’t be used as bed linen, otherwise a compensation for damage will be charged.
There are no services of any kind during the lease period.


The booking is to be considered definitively confirmed as soon as the agency receives the 50% of rent by bank-transfer or credit card as deposit. If within 3 days from the request the deposit has not arrived, the booking will be cancelled. If deposit will arrive in late (beyond 3 days from the booking’s confirmation), the agency can refuse it and send it back. No deposit will be returned for any reason. In case the applicant is obliged to cancel the reservation, he must give notice at least 4 weeks before the start of the stay. Otherwise, if the Athena Immobiliare fails to rent the apartment to others, the applicant will also be required to pay the remaining balance of the agreed fee. There will be no refund for late arrivals or early departures.


The balance must be exhaustively paid upon arrival, when collecting the keys from the Agency, and all identification documents of all people staying in the apartment must be delivered for notification to the police. the tenant responds personally to inaccurate or incomplete notifications.
There should be no extra guests over the number agreed up. It is forbidden to accommodate more people than is allowed by the number of beds indicated in our offer. In this respect, children are considered as adults.


Check-in will be made in the Agenzia Athena Immobiliare in Viale Dante - Galleria Esplanade 8/10.
You can take possession of the booked apartment from 16:00 to 18:00 on the day of arrival. The apartment must be left free (check-out) and keys must be returned to the Agency, without exception, by 10.00 am.
In the case of delayed arrival or early departure the rental price can not be reduced.
Please, inform the Athena Immobiliare as soon as possibile in the event of late arrival. Otherwise the apartment will be available only until 18.00 of the next day; after which the agency will be free to retain the deposit and to dispose of the apartment.


The apartment will be cleaned; the cleaning fee does not include the washing of dishes and the removal of garbage. COMPLAINTS: any shortcomings or deficiencies in equipment shall be reported to the Agency within 24 hours from delivery of the keys. We will not accept consequential complaints if no warning have been received. Any calls for the tenant shall directly pay the repair of damage or restorations caused subsequently.

In case of lack or malfunction of the equipment supplied to the apartment the agency must be immediately notified so that it can provide as soon as possible to repair.
For any damage caused during the stay, the lessee must promptly notify the agency in order to establish the amount and the possibile compensation.
The agency is not responsible in case of malfunctions of systems of the building.
Eventual bad functioning of electrical appliances (which have to be repaired by specialized personnel who are not always available in the surroundings) will be repaired in two working days after notification to the agency of the inconvenient. Within this period of time the agency is not responsible for refunding due to breach of contract and/or damage of any kind.


Where clearly indicated, the beach place is composed by two admission to the beach, umbrella and two beach beds and it begins the day of arrival until the day before leaving (included); it is assigned by the agency and combined with the apartment; for this reason the beach service isn't changeable.


- From 2018 the “Comune di Grado” instituted the tourist tax. Currently and except for variations, the cost of the tax is € 0,80 a day for each adult for max. 14 nights. The children are exempt until the age of 18 years
- stamp duty to be applied on the lease, as required by law
- the end cleaning
- linen ( bed sheets, towels, table cloth, personal objects etc.) which must be brought by customers


Dogs, cats and pets are generally allowed in all the apartments, but the guest has to inform the agency at the moment of the request of the booking and  previously agreed upon. If the agency ascertains the presence of animals in apartments, where the same were not admitted or without prior request, it would immediately determine the termination of the contract without any refund. Animals cannot be left in the apartments unattended: this is to avoid possible damage to structures and disturbances to other clients; Pets are required at the reservation: no additional charge will be required for the pets; we just ask for more care in keeping clean, in respect of the guests that will follow.